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Walton Process Technologies

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Autoclaves - Bond Presses - Ovens

Walton Process Technologies, Inc.

8 x 20 Autoclave

Walton Process Technologies is a quality manufacturer of thermal process equipment. We specialize in Autoclaves, Bond Presses, Ovens, and Batch Process Controls.

Walton Process Technologies stands out when it comes to our dedication to unparalleled customer service and commitment to our products. We believe in providing our customers with state-of-the-art products that will outlast and outperform the competition. We pride ourselves in meeting customers' specifications while exceeding their expectations with the quality, performance, and timely deliver of our products.

From initial concept to design, purchasing, manufacturing and final delivery and commissioning, Walton Process Technologies, Inc. is a process-oriented organization comprised of highly skilled and well-trained individuals. Our team prides itself on delivering a superior product while upholding a strong commitment to the customer.

In addition to manufacturing thermal process equipment, WPT offers many services such as repair, maintenance, retrofit, and consultations. Our skilled engineers can fix any make and model of autoclave, bond press, or oven; as well as provide advice on new parts or potential issues with existing equipment.

Recent Projects

Two 7' x 180' Autoclaves

WPT has completed an installation of two 7' x 180' industrial autoclaves.

5' x 25' Composite Autoclave

The next WPT autoclave has joined the composite world at 5' x 25'!

Custom Vertical Opening Composite Bonding Vessel

WPT custom engineered a small bonding autoclave with a vertical opening.

This custom autoclave is one of a kind and is specifically designed for small part processing with minimal resource consumption.

The autoclave operates at 200 PSI and 500 F and is controlled by PCS