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Tablet Process Control

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Android Control Tablet

Tablet Control System

At Walton Process Technologies, we have developed a mobile Process Control software for use as an Android™ application. The Control Tablet can wirelessly communicate through or Process Control System directly to the PLC. It is able to directly control vacuum sources and read vacuum transducers and thermocouples.

How Does It Help?

The Tablet Control System gives the operator extended control over the pre-cure testing sequence.

During a standard pre-cure test, the operator must continually travel back and forth from the part to the control console for each vacuum seal, transducer, or thermocouple. This can be an extraordinary amount of time if the part requires a large amount of vacuum seals or transducers

By using the Tablet Control System, the operator can:

  • Set and control vacuum levels
  • Turn on/off vacuum ports
  • Verify transducer readings
  • Complete pre-run leak checks
  • Verify thermocouples

The Control Tablet simplifies and expedites the run setup time by giving an operator the ability to perform all system checks from inside the autoclave without returning to the console. This will allow the operator to monitor a cure cycle while working with a second autoclave or laying up parts.

The Tablet Control System can monitor all functions of the equipment to ensure there are no problems during the cure cycles. The Tablet can remotely take manual control over the autoclave controls and adjust pressure, vacuum, and temperature to fit specific cure recipes. The Tablet is also capable of receiving and silencing alarms, as well as correcting the issue that caused the alarm.

This gives an operator the ability to monitor the cure cycle from anywhere in the facility, which will result in less scrapped parts due to an inability to respond to an alarm fast enough.