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Along with designing and manufacturing new equipment, WPT will take existing machinery beyond the original capabilities by refurbishing or repairing old and damaged parts.

We service all makes and models of autoclaves, bonding presses, ovens, and any other thermal process equipment that you posses.

We keep a wide variety of parts in stock and have a complete custom part shop for any parts that we need to fabricate.

Keeping your systems up-to-date and in good repair is the best way to ensure quality production and higher safety control. Old or damaged systems comprise the productivity and quality of the your product. We highly recommend setting up a maintenance schedule so we can keep your equipment in proper working condition and keep your productivity and quality at its max.


Not every issue with equipment is easy to identify. WPT Technicians can locate and identify the cause of equipment malfunctions and provide you with a detailed course of action. Our technicians can often fix the issue on-site to reduce machine down time.